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How Does It Work?

Join our Thousands of Users and Choose between the 2 Numbers above. The number with the highest selection is the winning number and You get paid. If there is no winner (Equal) or no one to bet against, the money will be refunded. If you are on the winning team, the total bet funds of the lossing team will be share to the winning team base on the percentage you staked.

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Note that the Platform takes 15% of the winning team Earnings. Unlike other Betting Platform out there, that their system is rigged against you, we don't. We pay you if you are on the Winning Team and we earn by taking 15%. Your Stakes are Refunded if there is no winner or no one to bet against. And we payout super fast.

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For every Airtime & Data that you Buy, your Referrer will be Paid up to ₦50.00.. You can also start Earning while others Buy Airtime & Data!

You get ₦200.00 Total for each Person you Refer. The Person you Referred gets ₦500.00 for joining via You. This Bonus is Paid by us, and does not affect your Funds in anyway. You can use your Referral Earnings or request Withdraw into your Bank Account. There is no Limit to how much you can Refer, Earn or Withdraw. Withdrawals are Paid Instantly.
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